Whether you want to dine extensively, have a quick bite or want to pick up, it is all possible in the center of Hoorn.
There are several restaurants on the Roode Steen, you can think of an extensive dinner, Spanish tapas, a delicious pizza or pasta at the Italian, or Vegan, this is all possible.
There are also plenty of restaurants and takeaway options in the vicinity of the Double neighborhood, Kleine Noord and the Hoornse harbor. A small selection of the options are: Greek, Sushi, Italian, French cuisine, Turkish, Indian, culinary and of course fish.
Check out some of the restaurants below.

De Tuynkamer

De Tuynkamer has been located in the heart of Hoorn, near the station and the theatre, since 1998. Restaurant De Tuynkamer is a cosy, always innovative and busy meeting place for everyone. With its beautiful city garden, conservatory and separate seating areas, the store offers something for everyone. De Tuynkamer is known for its extensive lunch menu.

Wapen van Hoorn

Restaurant the coat of arms of Hoorn is located a few meters next to the Oosterpoort. In summer you can relax in the city garden, and you have a beautiful view of the Oosterpoort. There are several options for free parking at a very short distance at the Wapen van Hoorn. In addition to a delicious lunch and dinner menu, you will also find a lounge menu, delicious with a drink.

De Hoofdtoren

Restaurant De Hoofdtoren is located in the harbor of Hoorn in one of the most beautiful buildings in Hoorn. In the summer, enjoy a dinner or drink on the terrace and enjoy everything that is happening around you. Inside you can sit upstairs and have a beautiful panoramic view over the harbor and the IJsselmeer.
The Hoofdtoren can also be booked for an unforgettable party evening or reception.

Da Noi 

Cristian and Salvatore 2 Italian boys are happy to welcome you in their Italian restaurant on the Kerkplein with a beautiful view of the Grote Kerk.
Cristian and Salvatore have been active in Hoorn since 2019 to prepare the most delicious Italian dishes for you.


Marque is located in a V.O.C. Warehouse from 1618.

The charming old beams mixed with a contemporary interior create a very pleasant atmosphere. Always intimate and romantic, secretly a bit modern and yet a bit casual.

Madame Cheung

Restaurant Madame Cheung has been a household name in Hoorn and the surrounding area for years. The kitchen can best be described as 'Asian Fusion', because the chef is not guided by just 1 kitchen, but by combining various Asian cuisines.

J&T Mos

On November 27, 2017, Jeroen Mos & Tessa Malagride open the doors of restaurant J&T Mos.
J&T Mos stands for hospitality, conviviality and above all culinary enjoyment. On the menu you will find dishes with a French twist. This in an attractive restaurant overlooking the harbor of Hoorn.

Eetcafe de Klinker

De Klinker's kitchen provides for all your needs. From a nutritious breakfast, your lunch, dinner, snacks to the I-forgotten-to-eat-late night sandwich. - There is supply for carnivores and herbivores.

Eethuis Marmaris

Just outside the center in the Kersenboogerd district, at Turkish eatery Marmaris you can enjoy the tastiest Turkish dishes such as delicious grill dishes, sandwiches, salads and baklava. Weather permitting, there is also a terrace overlooking the square. It is also possible to have your dishes delivered or picked up at home.

Grieks restaurant Zorba

Welcome to Greek restaurant Zorba. Since 1991 a household name in Hoorn and surroundings when it comes to an excellent Greek meal in a pleasant atmosphere. Constantly striving to give guests that well-known 'Greece feeling'. It is also possible to pick up your dishes.

Tabasco Nero

Tapas with a Spanish and Cuban touch. There are also vegetarian tapas of course and delicious desserts such as the homemade Cheesecake or homemade brownies and there are children's menus.
Tabasco Nero (formerly Tabasco)- In 2001 Tabasco opened its doors. From the start, the atmospheric business has always been a great success.
14 years later (2015), Tabasco has been taken over by Lisa and Richard. Lisa had been a familiar face in the business for years and Richard is in their kitchen.

John's Bistro

John's Bistro is located in the historic Schermerpanden, on the site where Steakhouse De Fles used to be located. The open kitchen gives a dynamism to the whole. Those who opt for a night out at John's Bistro will discover that it is all about atmosphere and good food here. John tries to give the dishes his own twist. That is also the challenge of the profession. With honest ingredients, a good piece of meat or fish and seasonal vegetables to make a nice dinner. Doing new things and surprising guests, that's what John's Bistro is all about.

Olijf by Danos

On the Veemarkt in the center you will find Olijf by Danos. At this trendy Greek restaurant you can enjoy the Greek dishes that are prepared in the beautiful semi-open kitchen. The staff are friendly and go out of their way to ensure guests have a fantastic evening.

Sushi restaurant Soya

In the same building as Madame Cheung on the side of the Vale Hen you will find restaurant Soya. There is a wide choice of various types of fresh sushi and other Japanese delicacies, there is also plenty of choice for the children. There is an open kitchen where all dishes are freshly prepared. Order several small dishes per round and enjoy a wonderful evening out.

Grand cafe restaurant  't Hop

As the name suggests, Grand Café & Restaurant 't Hop is located right on Hoornse Hop, a natural cove in the Markermeer, part of the former Zuiderzee. This natural bay contributed to Hoorn's rich history in the 17th century. The Hoornse Hop was the scene of a famous naval battle between the Watergeuzen and the Spanish fleet in 1573. This battle resulted in a victory for the Geuzen and the capture of Admiral General Bossu. The battle is beautifully depicted on the facades of the ''Bossuhuizen'' on the Slapershaven in Hoorn. Nowadays you can enjoy a delicious lunch, drink, dinner or snack overlooking this historic piece of water.

Himalaya Restaurant

At Himalaya restaurant on the Breed in Hoorn you will imagine yourself in India for a moment. The interior is completely decorated in an Indian way and is an experience in itself. Be surprised by the delicious mouth-watering dishes that this restaurant has to offer.

Restaurant De Hoornse Kogge

Restaurant De Hoornse Kogge, a household name in Hoorn since 2000. Here you will find a traditional open kitchen, beautiful regional products and culinary delights. Besides the fact that you can have a delicious dinner here, you can also order various boxes to enjoy at home.

Brasserie Velius

At Brasserie Velius you can relax on the terrace and inside. With the underlying motto "warm without a stove", owners Paola and Rene and their employees hope to meet you in a warm and atmospheric establishment where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine, a good glass of beer, delicious coffee from the beautiful Italian coffee brand LavAzza, tasty sandwiches and tasty meat, vegetarian and fish dishes for the evening.

Wormsbecher vishandel

Wormsbecher fish trade has a very long history. From father to son is the motto within the family.
Up to now, there have been 3 generations who have run the store with great pleasure, craftsmanship and craftsmanship. The new generation is already knocking on the door and will ensure the good name of Wormsbecher fish in Hoorn. Come by for a delicious herring with onion and sour, super healthy! Or simply enjoy our quality kibbeling. Not bad quality white fish but the nice big white pieces of the cod!
Artisan eel smokehouse

Our greatest pride is of course our own eel smokehouse. At Wormsbecher vishandel, eel has been smoked for decades according to its own traditional recipe.
The fish is selected by hand and then processed in our own smokehouse into a delicious delicacy, if we do say so ourselves!

La Cubanita Hoorn

La Cubanita is a tapas restaurant according to a fixed formula with 55 branches throughout the Netherlands. This formula is monitored, supported and deepened by the franchise organisation. La Cubanita stands for sultry salsa sounds, exciting cocktails and delicious tapas. In a unique Cuban environment you can enjoy the beautiful things in life. The motto of La Cubanita is not for nothing: La vida es un carnaval!

Hendrickje Stoffels

Restaurant Hendrickje Stoffels is located in an attractive building on the picturesque harbor of Hoorn. So enjoy the view of the Hoofdtoren and the sea lock. In line with shipping, the restaurant has a modern and cozy interior with nautical accents and bright blue tones. The chefs have no secrets. So take a look at the largely open kitchen.

La Sfida

The restaurant La Sfida is located on the central square of Hoorn, Roode Steen (West 70).
La Sfida was founded 3 years ago (January 2017) from the desire of 2 chefs from Puglia to bring their professionalism and passion for Italian cuisine to the Netherlands.
Hence the name of the restaurant: La Sfida means The Challenge and symbolizes the culinary challenge that is taken outside of one's own country: Italy.
The concept is based on the desire to let our guests taste dishes from both classic and modern Italian cuisine on a culinary journey.

Restaurant d'Oude Waegh

Restaurant d'Oude Waegh is located in the historic heart of Hoorn. They are open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But you are also very welcome for coffee with homemade apple pie or a drink with a snack. You can enjoy yourself in the monumental building or on the (heated) terrace from 8 a.m. until late in the evening.

Grand cafe Winston

In March 2012, Grand Café Winston opened its doors on the Roode Steen in Hoorn. Right in the heart of Hoorn, where there was once a cinema, the beautiful grand café is now located. With the large bar, open kitchen and various seating areas, it quickly becomes cozy. There is also a nice spot for everyone outside on the terrace. Sun, shade or if it is cold, wonderfully heated.
From the start they try to be accessible to a large audience. This is reflected in the low prices and the varied menu. Here you will find, for example, pizzas, pastas and Mexican dishes, but also delicious salads and meat and fish dishes. And of course the children have also been thought of.
And don't forget to visit the first floor. Here you will find a super cozy bowling alley. In addition, there are also various slot machines, such as a pool table, air hockey, a darts cabinet, etc. With a phenomenal view over the Roode Steen and its beautiful bar, this space is very suitable for a cozy get-together.

Eetcafé Bommels

Jeroen van Santen de Hoog has been the owner of Bommels Eetcafé since 11 May 2005. Eetcafé Bommels in the middle of the city center has become a household name in Hoorn and surroundings.
Our cozy and cozy atmosphere with two floors and a cozy terrace creates a pleasant atmosphere as soon as you enter.
The personal touch of Jeroen, which Bommels has become famous with, is often experienced as pleasant by the guests. They will always try to answer or fulfill any questions or special requests.